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Should an object know how to parse/populate itself?

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i´m developing a little console rpg with c++.

My problem:

I use the following object hierarchy in my project:

Parsable -> Entity -> Player/Enemy (Player and Enemy inherit from Entity, Entity inherits from Parsable)

Parsable -> Item -> Weapon/Armor/Material/Consumable (Weapon/Armor/Material/Consumable inherit from Item, Item inherits from Parsable) 

Which part of the program should know how to parse the objects, what is a valid way to get a specific instance of an object based on a typeid and how should they get populated? 


My current solution(which works):

Parsable specifies three methods parse(filePath), populate(vector), serialize() (to write them back into a file). Entity and Item implement them and do the work as following:

1) Open File -> Read Line by Line -> split the lines by a delimiter -> push them into a vector -> check the first token (it decidecs which type i want to instantiate)  -> call a factory method to get a new instance of the specified type  -> call the populate method of the specified instance and pass them the "token vector" -> let the object set its member variables -> save the object into a std::map (Key = ItemID, value = Object itself).


Do you think it is valid to let the objects decide how they should populate themself?

Can you give me some advice?

Thank you in advance

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Objects should never now how they are taken from/placed into memory. Each object has an atomic reason for existence and should only care about that. You will usually have multilayer solution for loading/saving game data.

  • Resource Manager checks its caches if the object already exists, otherwise starts the chain to get it
  • You'll have a file anywhere that handles the objects prototype, Resource Manager locates that
  • Each file format needs a protocol that tells the object manager / a loader how to get the contents out of the file. A texture for example can be BMP, JPG or PNG formatted so anyone needs to choose the correct protocoll/ file schema
  • If plain data is in memory then you could start copying the prototype to instances as requested

Same is true for saving those objects

  • Savegame Manager (for example) collects the necessary data to make a savegame
  • Each object is pushed through a serializer and written into a stream
  • Here it is getting tricky:
  •            - Either you have a defined serializer for each object
  •            - or - you have a generalized serializer and some kind of RTTI system
  • The stream is saved to disk

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