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Where to put native assemblies for ASP .NET website

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I have once got it working but as I get older I am less of a flexible programmer and for sake of world I can not find out where to put native libraries that my C++/CLI and C# libraries in Bin directory of my web site depend on. My enviroment is IIS server that comes as native part of Windows 7 and which I have enabled, as well as debug server from my VS 2013 I am using.

What would be the directory where I can from my administration right safely copy the native assemblies I have my other parts dependant on,as for IIS and VS Debug Server?

I know native assemblies can bring down entire proccess if bogus or sabotating, and I am not searching for remote deployment option as internet is exclusively full of as for advice :(

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I believe you need to create a manifest for them, and then just put them where you put regular assemblies.

But I've never done this for IIS, only for other managed programs.

Also, make sure the PATH for the user/process that actually loads the assemblies, knows where to find them.

Finally, check the output of Dr Watson for loader messages, to see if there's more clues to why things don't load -- it may be that they are found, but not "proper" for some reason.

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