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How to create a map like in Paradox Games? (not gfx or visual or design problem)

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So, I'm working on a grand strategy game what plays in the first and seconds World War. I use Java and Swing. (I want to keep Java but maybe I'll rewrite it with libgdx.)

Now, I have a map, what you can move, you can zoom on it, but when you reach the end on the left or right, I want to paint again the map. (So if you reach the end of west, the map will show east.)

I thaught about what if you draw a cylinder wall, move that and zoom on that, but I don't know how to do that.

I tried with draw 3 map and try to keep the camera on the middle but that ate my processor.

(Sorry if I have chosen the wrong forum, but I couldn't decide which one I should pick.)

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Hi there,

I would suggest implementing a wrap around algorithm for your map. Basically, all you need is to check the bounds of your map with the camera render area to determine if you need to wrap around.

I found this link which provides an implementation to help you figure it out for your game map.

Hope it helps.

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