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Early idle game concept looking for ideas

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Hi, I'm currently looking for some ideas for my idle game (no feedbacks yet, there aren't enough elements).
Basically, I'm mostly inspired by Shakes and Fidget (which is an idle game but really time-consuming), 
the main goal of mine is to be able to play only like 10 minutes a day to progress, having something like a logarithmic progress curve (So playing 10 minutes is wide enough, 1 hour more will, for example, be only 25% more productive).
Then here my current ideas:
A "focus" gauge, which will be distributed between the "Production" and "Attack" focus % (the addition of both is 100%).
Let's start with the production's focus, it can, for example, be mainly put on "wood" production, having 300 wood/sec production, and secondly on gold production (Like 75% of the workforce working on wood, and remaining on gold).
And then the attack's focus can be used to increase our character stats by X%.

About the attack mechanic, I'm not really sure about if I should use the same system as Shakes and Fidget, or for example, make use of troops (which make more sense since we have workforce).
I also want to have an advanced economic system, having an auction house, stock charts, and others.

Finally, here my questions (you can still say about something else)
- Any suggestion for the attack mechanic? (Since it is an idle game, I do not want something that requires player's attention while attacking, all should be about preparation before the attack)
- Currently, my focus gauge has flaws, players will put everything on attack's gauge while playing, and conversely on production while sleeping, which mechanic can I include in order to force the player to switch intelligently?
- Additionally, how can I set the logarithmic progress properly without wearying the player? A bunch of secondary features?

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For the attack,  the player sets some grid points as attack areas and the units will go there to attack, he thing is, you set a large amount of attack points, like 20 or so, and the points will have priority tiers, this is, they will attack in the 1 points and if those points are free of enemy units they will move onto the 2 points, then onto the 3 points and so on, and of course, they will go back if enemies are detected in the previously cleared point, this way the player can set a large amount of routes for the troops and just let them move as they are produced 

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