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[survey] What is your experience working in game testing? Need help with perspectives from game testers.

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Hi everyone, my name is Victor and I'm currently a first year college student, I'm writing a research report about the precarity of video game testers.

The reason I'm doing this is that as a video game lover, I discovered a lot of immaterial labor in the gaming industry such as game testers are mistreated or exploited by the industry, so I want to contribute my effort to make the situation better (hopefully), at least in the future. So please join me and share your experience as a game tester to help me get started, I believe no matter how small the effort is, together we can make a difference.

This is very important to me since I won't be able to finish the project without your help. So I am thanking all of you who helped in advance, I really appreciate it.

Here is the link to the Google form, completely anonymous as you all know.

I tried to embed the form but apparently it doesn't work like that, could be much easier though.

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