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2D World Map Update (Pixelart)

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Hey again!

So I was working on my map in the last months since January, and I have some progress to show.

I appreciate your comments on my last post, I've tried to improve my map since.

There are two maps I want to show: An improved and detailed version of my last world map and a map to take a closer look at one nation named Highland Isles.

Firstly, the world map.




As you can see I've been playing around with colours (special thanks go to @LorenzoGatti and @Prinz Eugn) and added some coats of arms as markers for capitals inspired by Skyrim because I thought plain points were a little bit too boring.

Furthermore, I've added some "unknown lands" and details like important roads/castles/villages/cities.

Here's a list with some info about the nations and their capitals:


-Amron.png.9c330b4f0f0c8539409eec47408c17e3.pngAmron (Capital: Proset) [Located in the desert; few cities, mostly nomads; inspired by ancient Egypt and Varant from Gothic 3]

-Deep_Mire.png.15bf75334cf3008da8a364f0dbee79ac.pngDeep Mire (Capital: Mangrove) [Located in the marshlands; thinly populated; mostly wilderness; inspired by Morrowind and the swamp area from Gothic 1 & 2]

-Evruun.png.3f1c9f1a2e2e7535a2209686cdce8d60.pngEvruun (Capital: Anvil (yeah that one from Oblivion, I like that name)) [Quite advanced civilization; currently in war with the Highland Isles; pretty much a very aggressive and militaristic nation]

-Folkbridge.png.28e471b71c8f6debfee230b8051fe80c.pngFolkbridge (Capital: Alcaster) [temperate climate; loyal ally of Hammerwatch; comparable with medieval England; inspired by generally the Fable Series]

-Fellowgate.png.58c282ffb56d7db4e0639ef9ba7b928a.pngFellowgate (Capital: Redcove) [Colder Climate; In the far south tundra-like wilderness; barbaric nation ruled by clans/families]

-Hammerwatch.png.030a51de3792e045df44223c5621ba50.pngHammerwatch (Capital: Whitecrown) [Biggest nation with the biggest military since ancient times; currently ruled by a Kaiser that is in an alliance with Folkbridge, Merchants Cliff and Amron; inspired by Cyrodill from TES]

-Harshrock.png.89b2c1c5b7674fb63df3218611f0339c.pngHarshrock (Capital: Palewood) [poorest nation; small population with mostly farmers; an inofficial puppet of Evruun]

-Highland_Isles.png.baf76dccdbf6e920e3766414bd8a4612.pngHighland Isles (Capital: Niallscavern) [tropical climate; mountainous; currently in war with Evruun]

-Liberan.png.5bbfd7fa7e20b7cc3c073f1ed5b986f3.pngLiberan (Capital: Liberan) [A kind of Citystate under the rule of Hammerwatch, as you can see by the coat of arms; smallest "Nation"; very rich and democratic nation; trade is the main income source]

-Mara.png.8415c193af0850c4a637420c18747eb8.pngMara (Capital: Daso) [East-Asian Culture and tropical climate; second biggest maritime fleet; (of course) inspired by the Japanese empire pre-WWII]

-Merchants_Cliff.png.000318610f313f8fa7bad77249575b7f.pngMerchants Cliff (Capital: Ordmore) [trade-oriented nation; temperate climate with some colder regions in the north; "friend" of the North Mor nation]

-575696440_Nkakikyr.png.303dae3a5f9cba4c1aac2cc99b7f392a.pngNkaki'kyr (Capital: Hord) [indigenous people in the eastern part of the world; very isolated; little is known about them]

-1901442301_NorthMor.png.12fa20bff536050ec48abb09fc8285af.pngNorth Mor (Capital: Heliga) [viking alike people; barbaric towards the mainland nations; ruled by a king; inspired by Skyrim, Sweden]

-520136750_Paandam.png.09f7ddd2d2bb0b41996017e8b8c16fd2.pngPa'andam (Capital: Tul) [-]

-Sammast.png.178f766fec1e77c93393f9c57d031bf4.pngSammast (Capital: Prille) [almost the same as North Mor; ruled by families/clans like Fellowgate; inspired by Nordmar from Gothic 3]


And second, the map of Highland Isles:



It's not really finished right now, probably gonna colour it as I did with the main map and do some lore-related stuff.

Sooooo, that's it for now, like last time I would really appreciate feedback and of course new ideas. 

Bye o/

(Btw, the font I used for the city names: https://www.dafont.com/04b-03.font, unfortunately, I forgot what font I used to display the nation names. The Highland Isles signature on the second map is drawn by myself inspired by a real medieval typeface) 

I have no idea why the spoiler tabs are so broken \o/

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