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Unreal Marketplace Free Items for May 2019

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Unreal Marketplace has announced their free items for May 2019:

Chameleon Post Process - SumFX

An advanced post processing Blueprint actor with 70 customizable and combinable effects

Houseplant Pack - Interior and Exterior Plants - IanRoach

An assortment of houseplants and customizable planters

HQ Residential House - NOTLonely

A collection of over 200 ready to use objects and a lit, assembled demo home

Jetpack Animation Set - iamjohngalt75

A set with over 726 animations for a character interactions with a jetpack and weapons

Modular RPG Heroes Polyart - Dungeon Mason

A modular RPG pack with various weapon stances and animations

Particle Text - Killer Refresh Entertainment

A particle system that outputs user-defined text

Platformer Starter Pack - Platfunner

A collection of assets to build and create 2D or 3D platformers

Retro 8Bit Sounds - Gamemaster Audio

1001 retro game sound effects

Urban Material Pack - Plan B Studios

A pack of 41 different urban-themed PBR Materials.

User Interface Kit - Christianos Philippos

A collection of widgets, icons and UI elements

New Permanently Free Content:

Free Furniture Pack - Next Level 3D

A collection of 37 different high quality pieces of furniture

M5 VFX Vol2. Fire and Flames - JeongukChoi

Create various kinds of fire, such as shaking candles, bonfires, fire, flames, and explosions

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