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Best way to do frustum culling?

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9 minutes ago, Lord Fers said:

Out of curiosity, with what technical specifications are you dealing with?

Sorry, I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. You mean as far as my system goes? It's about a 7 year old Core i7 with a GeForce GTX 660 with a couple of Gig video memory.  If you are asking what I'm doing you can look at my blog. The long term goal is a procedural, voxel planet, MMO.

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Nice to hear it is working. I had a similar experience the other day with my lod algorithm.

Yep, instanced rendering is a point i didn't have in mind, simply because i am not that far yet with all this. Culling would probably have to be done in the vertex- or geometry shader then by passing in one or two frustum figures for use as cut-offs when placing instances. But that's a wild guess from my side, will do research once i get there 🙂

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