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GameDev Roundup for May 3, 2019

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A few recent highlights around the GameDev Community:


@Eck has been sharing updates from the Battletech team in the Battletech Developer Journal. In the latest update Eck talks about the process for profiling and optimizing your game.

@jendrikillner's Graphics Programming Weekly is posted every week with a roundup of graphics programming activity from around the web. 

@orphu talks about adding a scripting language to manage and coordinate game events in their game Virgil.

@chimchooree discusses using the Agile development methodology as your game development process.

@ProjectTaival gives their last update on the process of creating floor textures for Taival.

@GoliathForge talks about how to manage game screen states with code implementation.

Jobs from GameDev.jobs

Simul is looking for a VR Engineer in Liverpool, England. Check out the job description here.

Active Discussion

@WhiskyAndCode had some Questions about ShadowMapping in Graphics and GPU Programming.

@calioranged wanted to know why they had Depth Test Seemingly Inverted in For Beginners.

@Weston Bradford has Questions for Game Developers.

@jbarrios is looking for Critique and Feedback for their game lurkers.io.

We're halfway through the Side Scrolling Challenge and some members are providing updates.

@Apjue wanted to learn How to have a good looking character animation.

Discussion around benchmarking and performance analysis of various algorithms used in game development.

Latest from GameDev Tutorials Youtube


New Article: Character Writing Advice from Writers by @JimVsHumanity

We're looking for tutorials on a broad range of topics. Submit yours or contact @khawk for ideas.

Don't forget to check out the latest GameDev News, updated daily.

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