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Optimization SDL and Web Assembly Browser Game Engine

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For my final assignment in school, I made a basic multiplayer ray casting game in the browser. The response was so so at the demo held at Case Western in Cleveland, due to it being a silly game. It was programmed in JavaScript, Web Assembly and C. Emscripten was used to output Wasm and glue code to run SDL in the browser. I wanted to demonstrate the power of Web Assembly and it's practical usage to speed up web apps. It's pretty much alpha, so it's not perfect. But it's fast, really fast! And it can run on a mobile device, something that WebGL hasn't supported fully yet. I developed another demo showcasing its usage in a mobile environment. Unfortunately it doesn't perform well on an Iphone. Graphics and sounds were found on various royalty free sites.

You'll need a solid internet connection for the death match FPS game. About 4 players can hop on and play before it gets laggy due to being on a shared processing server. Controls are listed on the main page. Use the mouse to look around.

For the mobile version of the engine, it's just a skeleton of what could an rpg. Random battles are generated, and clicking on the enemies will attack them.

Demo Links:

Multiplayer Game

Mobile RPG skeleton



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