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Hey guys! I'm new to this site and would love to get to know the community and potentially make new friends and connections.

I'm a freelance film and games composer from Sydney, Australia. I've worked on a few indie projects over here, and recently started a YouTube channel to showcase some of my work.

Was also wondering if I could maybe get some advice as to how to best approach this site in terms of sharing, networking and getting involved as a musican?

Here's one of my tracks:

Cheers guys!

All the best

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Greetings Sebastian, all the best to you!


This site isn't the largest group of composers on the internet, but we all have some experiences to share. Seek to use the knowledge you already have to help others. Once people view you as an authority on music, they'll become more interested in what you do. If you approach devs asking them if you can score their game, you'll have a much harder time getting the gig.


I wish you luck, and welcome to Gamedev!

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