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Hello All!

I'm normally working away on the sound design of games, film and television, but I've decided to open a foray into Audio Plugin Development and Audio Programming. I do not come from a computer science background, so i'm bumping into all sorts of issues, but I thought maybe it would be a good idea to yell this out into the void, and see if others are having the same issues as me. Hopefully they help someone, as I know I have definitely struggled to get started with C++ and audio programming being such a spooky topic to begin.

Anyway, if you are interested, check it out.


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For those that are interested, I've been working on a few more posts on the blog.


I've expanded quite a bit on the original tutorial, and am still going after several thousand words. I know most of this stuff exists in different places on the internet, but I think it's nice to take an Audio Programming for Dummies approach.


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Thanks for your effort working on this blog, it's very helpful information. I have a bit of background with programming, but nothing too advanced. C++ is definitely an important one to understand in the gaming world. Thankfully, right now I am able to just focus on composing music without the programming side of game development, but in my spare time I am always trying to further knowledge. I'll make some time soon to read through your blog more fully!

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