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Heya. I am currently developing a 2D game engine using OpenGL and Java (LWJGL). I didn't follow any tutorials for this cause I have seen enough and want to implement this my self. I am currently at the font rendering stage. I used normal font texture atlases and fnt files to format the alignment of my text. It worked fine untill I scaled up or down the text. The texture was either blurry or pixelated. Thats when I found ThinMatrix tutorial on sign distanced fields and I implemented it and it works fine but... If you have watched it you know that he uses two floats (width and edge) which we can alter in order improve the anti aliasing of the font characters. The problem is he hardcoded in those values. That is what I don't want to do. I want those width and edge values to adjust according to font size. I have tried many formulas with it but none seem to work. If anyone can help me I will be glad to say thank you in return 👽👽


Thanks in advance

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