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Reallusion Announces Game Tools for Unity

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Reallusion has announced Game Tools for Unity, a new plug-in connecting developers to limitless Unity character creation and automatic setup. With this launch, developers can design and deploy AAA-quality characters on an indie budget with tools for character creation, animation, face/body motion capture, and a massive motion library ideal for film production as well game development.

“We strive to be a total character solution,” said John C. Martin, VP of Product Marketing, Reallusion. “Game Tools for Unity allows you to optimize game characters with polygon reduction, LOD, UV and material merging for max efficiency. You can also import ready-to-play characters into game engines with Reallusion’s Character Creator automated support for shader assignment, game controller and facial performances. Whether you are doing game development or film production, Game Tools is your go-to solution for characters that create new storytelling possibilities.”

A platform for games and real-time virtual production, Unity was recently awarded the Technical & Engineering Emmy for Disney’s BayMax Dreams featuring real-time character animation. As more filmmakers and creators utilize real-time technology to visualize their stories, they now have Reallusion’s dedicated real-time character solution to generate optimal characters and motions for use in Unity games or cinematic real-time productions. Game, App, AR, and VR content developers can deploy 100% royalty free characters with rapid creation and big cost savings.


  • Intuitively Customize: AAA-quality Character with Speed
  • Reallusion’s Game Tools for Unity optimizes production workflow for character design, morphs, and clothing.
  • Quickly Optimize: Characters with Mesh Optimization Technology
    Professionally prepare characters with poly reduction and LOD.
  • Absolutely Animate: Create & Capture Face/Body Motion
    Generate character performances in realtime with mocap using mocap suite for the body and iPhone or webcam for the face. Motion library and lip sync can also animate without mocap. 
  • Perfectly Convert: Characters Import Directly to Game Engines
    Import characters directly to Unity with automatic shader and animation assignment, saving time and keeping the focus on the characters, story and project.

Check out the full announcement here.

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