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easy 3d precision model software

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hi, i was wondering if anyone knows any particular program or version of that program that offers easy to use precise 3d modeling, particularly one that has some sort of line or pencil tool where you can manually draw your figures or objects. so far, i have not been able to find any that have a line tool to manually create objects and they've been too difficult and complex for me to use. 

i wanted to mention that my intention is to use a software to create smaller 3d objects so that in the future or for more advanced things, i can then modify them as such, however, so far, i have not been able to get to the lowest starting point per say. i would like to have the models be exported in .x files in part with the directx SDK so that they can be used in development for directx applications. i understand there are converters, however, i've been seeing mixed experiences on whether the converters are reliable or not, which ones are more reliable, and / or any other implications of model deformation. 

the following programs that i've used up to this point are below - 

-blender, i tried a few of the newer ones and version 2.79, and i found the program as a whole awkward to use, confusing, complex, even for simple things, i do not like the user interface, it's very disorganized and overwhelming, besides the guide which i got stuck many times where i eventually gave up. it's simply not for me as i'm looking for something more specific, and i don't think having a line tool would matter.

-meshx 2.4 3d model software-  creates and can import or export directx .x files. i used it and i liked the ui, however, i do not understand it and / or it's too complex for me. i did not find a line tool. 

-deled 3d editor - ui is ok, but i also cannot make sense out of it and no line tool of course, it does export to .x files though. i was able to export it with or without saving the texture part and it seemed to 

load fine in the directx 8.0a sdk and meshx 2.4. 

-3d object converter 4.10 gold edition, i think that's what it was called, i don't think it's for creating 3d models, i think it's only for modifying already created objects. i would say it's neither good or bad, although i couldn't do anything useful in it per say or make sense out of it for anything pertaining so it's basically serving no real purpose so far for me.

-3d crafter - i like the ui a little bit more than blender, but still not good or for me. the only option i thought of was using a basic 3d paint tool, i did test one, i forgot the name but i literally uninstalled it in a few seconds because i hated the design and ui and it wasn't straighforward or easy to use in the way i'd expect. 

i did also test several other programs not specifically listed here and did not find them pertaining, straightforward or easy.

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I really like silo https://nevercenter.com/silo/

its a light program so it doesn’t use a lot of system resources and the executable will load in a tick, it’s a great 3D object modeller and very useful for low-mid objects, it can edit uv’s (texture mapping coordinates )and it’s not free but the license is reasonably priced 

my other must have app is 3D coat https://3dcoat.com/home/

It’s a 3D sculpting / texture painting app that has so many features but great for starting hi poly sculpting models and then also a good tool for final texturing after you’ve got your model to that stage

i couldn’t live without these 2 favourite apps 🙏😋

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IIRC, for vertex model, Rhinoceros has a lot of settings to make objects with precise sizes and tolerances


if you don't mind the retopology task later, try a parametric design software like Fusion360. Can't bet the precision the process itself brings to the project


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