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"New Device Login" Email after each time i log in

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i may be totally blind and overlooking a switch in the profile settings, or even ignorant, but i receive such an email from the board each time i log in.

I must say that i delete cookies when closing the browser.

But if there is a switch i haven't seen, maybe someone can stoop my nose in it ?


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You can control emails/notifications by going to your Profile menu -> Account Settings, and in the right column under Other Settings -> Notification Settings. 

In your particular case, I don't know if anything will disable the security emails besides completely disabling email notifications. You can see the recent logins also under Account Settings.

I'd say we'd look into making those emails toggle-able, but we're going to be replacing the platform soon anyway.. so.. tough to justify addressing it at this point. :)

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Yep, email notifications are disabled and the list of devices shows my logins from my pc, which doesn't change atm.

Ok then, i can deal with those mails :-)

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