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Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou

Boing Kit (Unity bouncy VFX) v1.1 update - "Shock Propagation"

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Hi, all:

A new update to Boing Kit, my bouncy VFX plugin for Unity has just been released.

Some more tech details:

  • The solo behavior component reacts to linear and/or angular movement with bouncy effects simulated by numeric springing (more details in links below).
  • Effectors can push reactors around either by position delta or impulse (linear and/or angular).
  • The reactor field component is a solution to simulate fields of reactors, and allow samplers to pull reactor data out via trilnear interpolation. This is good for emulating massive number of reactors.
  • The solo behavior, effectors, and reactors can be simulated in parallel using Unity's job system in Unity 2018.1 or newer.
  • The reactor field can be simulated on GPU using compute shaders, but can also be simulated on the CPU as an alternative.
  • The v1.1 update adds a new "propagatoin" feature, that simulates propagation of bouncy effects on reactor fields, which is good for simulating wind, water waves, shock waves, implosions, explosions, etc. It can also be either simulated on the GPU or CPU.

You can also see these in action in the original V1.0 video

Asset store page:

Here's some more info:
Manual - http://longbunnylabs.com/boing-kit-manual/

Here's some technical explanation I wrote on the mathematical tool behind the effects, numeric springing:
Part 1 - http://allenchou.net/2015/04/game-math-precise-control-over-numeric-springing/
Part 2 - http://allenchou.net/2015/04/game-math-numeric-springing-examples/
Part 3 - http://allenchou.net/2015/04/game-math-more-on-numeric-springing/

Edited by Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou

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