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Kiosk Manager - Be the top KIOSK MANAGER in town!

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two years ago I announced ZigZag React here now I would like to introduce a new smaller Project called "Kiosk Manager". A small game simulating a City Kiosk.

Play Store Link

Youtube Video!

Manage you own small town Kiosk!

Enjoy the experience to manage your own small Kiosk in this exciting brand new game. 

You have to watch carefully for the weather and upcoming events so you can sell the right products. Upgrade your Kiosk so more people will be attracted. Manage your stock and set the prices to sell as much Burgers, Coke, Fries and much more. Enjoy watching many different people visiting your Kiosk!

Top features:

  • Buy and sell many different products
  • Uprage your Kisok 
  • See everything live in stunning 3D graphics
  • 12 challenging levels
  • Changing weather and great town events
  • Unique Kiosk simulation

Be the top KIOSK MANAGER in town!







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Small thing, but you have a typo in your store page:

"Uprage your Kisok "


Game seems fun little casual management game!

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Thanks for the hint - i have already changed it.

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