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Best way to implement animated models

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Hello everybody! I''m just working on my first full fledged 3d engine and I''ve reached the point where I need to implement more complex animated geometric forms, namely models. Now, what is the best way to do this? What file format should I use? How do I go about animating body parts seperately? Which modelling program should I use? Where do I get the animation data from? Do you have any good experiences whith that you are willing to share? My engine uses OpenGL and OpenIL (or DevIL, as it is now called). I do have 3D Studio Max 4, but it currently doesn''t run on my computer. Does anybody know how to get that stupid license management system running on Windows XP? Would Milkshape be an option? As you might have noticed I''m extremely new to this whole modelling business, so please be patient with me. Thanks in advance! yours sincverely... ----------------------------- "Mr Sandman bring me a dream"

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Check out Real soon now

I know its not the most professional format out there, but Milkshape 3D ASCII is nice to work with. Its easy to parse and animating your models is almost trivial.

Good luck

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Thanks for the reply!

I''ve had some experience with Milkshape before, but not for long since I didn''t license it and I don''t think someone has cracked it yet.
I liked the binary file format as well. No problems with it at all.
The problem is that it costs money. I''m thinking of registering it though.

Has anybody had any experiences with anim8or?

"Mr Sandman bring me a dream"

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