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Alexander Meade

Critique My Website!

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Hey there Alexander. Nice to meet you on these forums and have another great composer in the mix.

Here are some of my take-aways:


Home Page

   - Ideally, your home page should feature your demo, music, bio, and contact all on one page, rather than separate tabs. If you want to keep it the way it is, at least have something interesting on the home page.

   - The tabs you do have should be clearly displayed on the header. Switch the color to black or grey against the white background.

   - The single Soundcloud icon is too lonely. Use that space for your socials (Facebook, Twitter, etc...)



   - Your bio picture is perhaps a bit unclear on what you actually look like. I recommend a clear profile shot, with perhaps you doing something that is unique to you.

   - I would remove the last paragraph about scoring the soundtrack to "Ruins to Rumble". This makes you sound like you're too busy to accept future clients.



   - You might not have the expansive library yet, but ordering your playlists in terms of a specific genre (orchestral, electronic) is the ideal option. I do like how you labeled what genre the songs are though.

   - Some sort of picture for each song might work to boost emotions from your music



   - Instead of the Youtube title descriptions telling me what the video is about, tell us a little bit about each of the projects you worked on.


Overall, I like the clean presentation, although black and white is a little overdone on creative websites these days. Maybe add some unique spin on it. If you have any questions at all about the music industry, I would be happy to help further! Good fortune Alexander!

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