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[Revshare] Scifi Sandbox Game seeking Programmers

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Our project is a scifi game that takes place 50 years in the future, as humanity takes its first steps onto the galactic stage. It takes elements from a few game genres but is primarily a 4X-RPG. We currently have progress in the Metagame and Space Combat areas and are looking to expand our programmer team to fill out some other areas. Ideal applicants are highly self-motivated and have plenty of free time. Unity, 3D, C#

Gameplay Programmer If you're interested in spaceship, infantry and vehicle combat. As well as tactics and strategy.

Planetary Programmer If you're interested in procedural planets, floating origins, double precision coordinate systems, and relative scientific accuracy.

Volumetric Programmer If you're interested in gorgeous volumetric effects for engine trails, planetary accretion disks, and more.

If one or more of these positions interest you feel free to contact me on discord at mushroomblue#0384

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Sounds interesting. Do you have a blog or website? I'm way into the planetary stuff: simplex noise, run-time smooth terrain generation with voxels, JIT terrain for collision, rebasing the origin on the GPU, etc ...........   but unfortunately I'm fully committed doing my own C++ planetary engine at the moment. I wouldn't mind following you guys though. Good luck!

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Posted (edited)

Very interesting !

My plans include realism as well, for example using models from hydrology and/or tectonics to model planetary surfaces (geoscience is a side subject of mine). My base technique is simple heightmap extrusion and i can render huge terrain surfaces with very reasonable framerates. I don't use any engine, since i think one is actually faster with one's own render framework than running after engine features etc., also, with what my large scale plan is (generate a solar system to explore), performance matters, so i'll skip as much middleware as i can. Seeing how large teams struggle with engines and one man shows produce really nice outcomes, i think this (C++) is the right way ... 🙂

I am only a hobby guy, i can't offer professional assistance. But i'll start a blog soon(tm). Momentarily, what lies before me, is nice shading, rigid body physics, actual generation of terrain and not just display of satellite derived DEM data like SRTM for my playing around, particle systems, ... well, essentially everything.

Philosophically spoken, if i ever produce an outcome, I want to lay emphasis on exploration, not combat 🙂

Be it as it may, Q'plah for your project !


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