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crossroads twilight city

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Hi i am looking for a 2d sprite artist. preferably someone who has worked with spriter pro in some relation.


We are a team of one coder, a designer and a concept artist

and we are looking for a spriter artist to help turn our concept art into proper sprite for combat.


The game itself twilight city is going to be a classic beat'em up game altough we intend to add nsfw parts to it simply because we belive that will make the game sell better.


We got about 8 boss concepts ready and we will likely add at least 20 or more in time.



Twilight city is a city floating int he astral sea between worlds. a constant changing city ruled by a mysterious group that adds and removes parts of it.

our hero unaware of this is trying to make sense of things when he wakes up meting one of these mysterious beings and promplty thrown out of his house. 

he has to live in the strange time the hour where the city itself has mostly stopped, and strange people,monsters and beautyfull girls that wanna beat him up appears.

can he learn the truth of his city? can he survive? and who is ther mystiours group behind the city of twilight.


For more questions please let me know i can also show some of the concept art if interested.

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Hi there!

I am a sound designer and Foley artist who is looking for some experience in the game industry. Your game sounds really fun to work on as there is a lot of unique sounds that are required for all the different bosses. Really bring the bosses to life with sound. I understand that you are not in post production yet and my job would be in post but I just wanted to demonstrate my interest in your project. 

Also if you send me some concept art I can design you some sounds for the bosses and give you some input based on the art. 

Feel free to message me if interested!


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