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Rev Share Seeking 3d Character Artist Medium Poly ( Stylized )

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Hello a group of us are working on a height map editor Adventure Puzzle Builder were the player crafts worlds and sails the skies in zelda type play style, we are searching for someone that can texture and create medium poly characters in cartoon chibi style, if you might be intrested message myself here or email 


We have a discord channel and work on game via weekends.

How it will work is there will be two modes Adventure and Build, in build mode the player can place props change land and generate land, along with placing npcs warp points and more, as we go we will ad more customization as were a small group and want to take our time, the Adventure side will play similar to zelda wind waker with a few rpg elements added.

If you have any question feel free to message me, soon as I have a more complete design document ill create a full page for it.

My discord Brandon_Cadenaro#5123







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