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Need a review of design idea

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Hi there :) I've created a simple puzzle game which is a mix of snake and Pacman. You control the snake and collect dots which expand your body. When all dots are collected you can go to the crystal and finish stage. I've added other type of dots which shrink snake, doors which can be opened when the snake body is on a button, moving enemies. There is a live demo on itch.io -> https://murarz208.itch.io/snakeman . I would like to hear opinions about this idea. Is it bad or good? Did you enjoy it or maybe not? What can be improved?

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Posted (edited)

A sound but possibly limited puzzle type. I recommend

  • Separating an initial tutorial with explanations from the "actual" challenging levels. The initial impact is that if a snake game is not realtime it must have challenging puzzles; easy levels are "puzzling".
  • Adding enemies to avoid, hunt, or herd into doing something. and interesting items
  • Adding various snake actions with command keys, like laying eggs (which could reduce snake length but create a target for monsters), spitting at or biting other creatures, activating or dropping items.
  • In a significant portion of the puzzles, nontrivially different solutions
  • Nicer graphics, Even Pacman is more detailed.
  • An undo command to reduce boredom, and a redo command to use it without anxiety.
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Posted (edited)

The idea itself is very creative. You have an excellent novel puzzel game. This is a great time waster and you should make it for the phone. I have to be honest, I played for like 5 minutes and got bored of it on my computer. But that's why it's good for the phone. When you've got a little freetime and don't have access to a computer or console, then these puzzle games shine.

If you want to make it more addictive, incorporate rewards and possibly a leaderboard of some kind. Maybe least amount of moves to complete level. And even though it's a puzzle game, you can have a little story in it if you like. Maybe the snake is on a journey of some sort. You could have different themed backgrounds (desert, grasslands, mountains, etc.)

But the core of the game is novel (at least to me) and that's what counts!

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