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How to find/interview a great game writer

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(I'm not looking for applications via this thread, just help on how to select someone)

I want to find a great writer for a VR game. 

Does the below request seem reasonable?  Do you have recommendations that require less work for the applicant, or to cover better things?  The captivation of the story is the primary tool I would use to measure their ability.  What other things can I look for in selecting a writer?  

Short story parameters:

  • Someone is solving a puzzle box. 
  • 500-1000 words
  • DO NOT FINISH the story, leave it a mystery. Make me wish I had the rest of the story.
  • 1st person perspective, can use narrator to provide outsider knowledge.
  • Something about the puzzle box disobeys known physics.
  • Could be magic, or sci-fi, but you don't need to explain it.
  • NOT HORROR. Exceptions of Cerebral Horror. The game is intended to be a mind bender.
  • NO CONCEPT ART, NO PLOT POINTS. There are key elements behind the NDA that will undoubtedly change these.



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1 hour ago, hpdvs2 said:

just help on how to select someone

This is a Production question, so I'm moving this to the Production/Management forum.

To start - identify released games with a similar feeling to your project. Then - check the writing credits of those games. Then - contact them on LinkedIn. 

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