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Blending two animations

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I have implemented basic animation into my engine and now I would like to blend two animations together. The way I have it set up is there are 



  • This is a serialized data containing its skeleton and bone information


  • Keeps track of how long it has been running, and the final transforms of the animation clip. Along with if it was active and if it is looping


  • Has an array of AnimationInstance's


Assuming that I wanted to blend two animations that had the same skeleton, I am not sure how I would. My first naive attempt was to take two AnimationInstance's and multiple their final transforms together. This didn't get quite what I was looking for, as they would blend but the character would double in size. Am I only supposed to multiple certain parts of the final transforms together?

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Commonly this is done by taking two produced poses and blending between those. A basic start would be to lerp() between the two poses' bone transformations. Avoid doing this at the matrix level, but rather on the SRT level (scale, rotation, translation) of each bone in the skeleton.

For example:

finalSkelPose[boneIndex].translation = lerp(skelPose1[boneIndex].translation,skelPose2[boneIndex].translation, t);

Where t is your blend weight between 0 and 1.

Do the same for rotation (SLERP) and scaling (if you support it) then convert the final outcome to skin matrices.

Good luck!

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