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Ilya Bystrov

Looking for beginner Game Designer

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I'm Ilya. I am a programmer with 3 years of experience.

I want to start developing my game development skills, but my main goal is not game design itself, but game programming. Most recently, I began to study computer graphics, game engine templates, etc. But I want to do something that can become a portfolio in the future and publish it in itch.io (for example, to make a couple of free games for practice and then maybe create a commercial project).

I spend too much time developing a concept and game plan, so I’m looking for a teammate who wants to become a game designer and start with small projects for practice. I want to develop my knowledge of C ++ and create my own custom engines, but first you can create prototypes on Unity.

My little plan for this year:
1.) Create a very small project on Windows
2.) Learn more about the differences between DirectX and OpenGL and create a cross-platform game for Windows and Linux.
3.) Create games only on Android platform or multi-platform Android / Win / Linux (???)

In each iteration, I want to add some tricky programming mechanisms, such as the built-in scripting language for creating levels and game logic.

This plan has a minus: your imagination may be limited by my skill level.

I live in Russia. My time zone is GMT + 3 (Moscow).

Please, if you are interested, email me at Discord RubriIbis#5174

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