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Alien Cow Farm - Available Now on Steam!

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Alien Cow Farm is available now on Steam!




Abduct as many cows as possible! Zoom around alien planets, luring and stealing cows from opponent UFOs while stopping them from taking your own. Set records and unlock achievements in a variety of single-player and multiplayer game modes as you grow your very own Alien Cow Farm!



  • ABDUCT cows and return them to your barn to score!
  • SHOOT opponents to steal their cows!
  • Deploy DRONES to defend your barn!
  • Drop LURES to attract nearby cows!



  • CLASSIC - Abduct as many cows as possible before time runs out!
  • TIME TRIAL - Abduct the target number of cows as quickly as possible!
  • CAPTURE THE COW - One cow starts in each barn and teleports back there after being abducted. Steal the target number!
  • SURVIVAL - Time is added to your individual clock with each abduction. Don't let it run out!
  • HUNT - Only one cow on the entire map! It teleports away after being captured, so find and abduct it as many times as possible before time runs out!
  • FRENZY - Play with an extreme number of cows on the map! With no stealing allowed, the game ends when they've all been abducted!
  • ELIMINATION - Cows start in each barn, but there are none wandering on the map! Steal quickly because any player with zero cows at the end of each round gets knocked out!


Set Records and unlock Achievements in single-player mode, or challenge your friends in multiplayer!

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