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Scrolling Shooter Challenge - Rutin

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I'm just setting up my project page and loading what I have. Here is a super rough version attached for Windows, but meets the requirements.

There are some known issues:

Glitch with my sound effect

I didn't stop music looping when coming back to main menu


I also didn't have time to make my textures. I did one music track though, and will continue to work on this after. I'll post back with my blog shortly.






Just an update:

I went and fixed the music looping at main menu issue. I simply made sure if that class exists to allow it to exist and delete any new instances. This just happens because I create the AudioSource on my main menu scene and don't delete it when loading scenes, but when you revert back to the main menu it recreates itself. I also fixed the few second delay when the song hit the end and was supposed to loop. It was an issue on my MP3 export, the exporter left the tail instead of clipping it for looping.

I also found a bug where if you had Ability 1 captured from your orb, but your orb hits the alien that does the 3-way shot you wouldn't get the upgrade. Now I have it so you will get the upgrade, and if you hit the orb with an ability 1 single shot alien after the 3-way you will get 10 shots and not revert back.

I also found my sound issue with my "Action Sound" I put in.... I didn't properly load the AudioSource into the scene, I created a prefab but it wasn't being called correctly which I now fixed.

I've uploaded the project page with the new version (1.1)

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