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Help me choose between these programming languages for game dev

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In my opinion, if you're starting out and the most important thing to you is to make a game, choose something like game maker.

Why? Because if you do, you'll spend more of your time making a game than learning the ins and outs of memory management, the idiosyncrasies of some programming language, etc.

In my shed, i have a toolbox. In that toolbox, i have a screwdriver that i use to screw in screws, and a hammer i use to bang nails in. I wouldn't use the screwdriver to bang in the nail. What i'm saying here is use the right tool for the job, there is a time and place for languages like LUA, C++, and friends, and the right time and place isn't the start of your journey.

If you set off on a quest to immediately meet the last boss, well you aren't going to enjoy that game too much, unless you really enjoy punishment or happen to enjoy Dark Souls...

Good luck on your journey ahead!

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