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Evgeny  Ryabovol

Music What feelings does this soundtrack make you?

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Hi guys :)

The importance of audio perception in a number of projects is probably underestimated. It's so important to hear the response of what is happening on the screen, not only with your ears, but also with your soul. What do you imagine when you listen to soundtracks without visual accompaniment? Our brain is so arranged that it always tries to supplement the missing information, as if plugging holes in the whole flow of information🤯 As a composer, I am interested in your opinion, or rather the feeling... What do you see when you listen to this track?


Thank you all in advance!

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Posted (edited)

Hi Evgeny,


I gladly try to answer your question. But first off, I really enjoyed the soundtrack!

The beginning is quite dark. I thought about a lost and gloomy place/environment. Exploring the place, you made an unbelievable sight: Lots of huge ruins of old buildings, probably from a past civilization. The sight of it makes you feel a bit unsure and nervous. But at the end you decide to explore further. You see lots of stuff you never have seen in your life. Objects you have no idea what they are and mean. And at the end you feel proud and overwhelmed by the discovery you made.

I also thought about a place on another planet. But at the same time, the ongoing sustained strings and thair harmonics remind me on an environment under water. Therefore, I can imagine the soundtrack also would fit very well for the discovery of the sunken Atlantis.



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Reminds me of the day before a final battle. You know that terror and carnage will take place the next day, but for right now, we all have time to think.


I could also see this being used after someone had just made a bad decision. This person is facing the consequences and is wishing back to the time before the decision.


Awesome piece; I love the string work towards the end.

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I feel like i'm lost at the beginning, like something bad happened or was about to happen, but close to the end, things feel like getting unraveled as I proceed, like there's hope after all.

Very beautiful piece!

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