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Hey guys, I am a composer who moved to LA from Europe to pursue my career in film scoring. 

There is a lot of opportunities to write soundtracks for movies, but I would like to try myself in scoring video games. When I moved I got internship at Remote Control Productions, 2 months ago I was asked to assist Heitor Pereira in his studio. I finished a few movies and documentaries, I will have to score 2 full feature films in a few weeks, so. I really know how to write a special music :) And because you are professionals I will save your time y sending to you one link to my music that is 2 minutes long so you will have a better idea about me.

If you want to give a review - go for it! :)

I hope you will enjoy the rest of your day. Start enjoying it with this:



Thank you!

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Hey Artem,


scoring seems to be your thing! I've listened to your example and I found myself in a sci-fi setting. I had the idea of awakening from the deep sleep (forgot how it's called right now), and the first thing I notice is the sight of the space, so empty yet eternally big. 

I also got the impression that you know how to use the range of the orchestra and how to use the several instruments. Nice to hear that you already got busy with orders for movie scoring. I'm aiming for the same career and also got a future project where I will be involved.

Europe is a very good start for that (my project will take place in France). I got the feeling that the producers from Europe are more open to new composers, while the americans prefer hiring the already known composers. If it happens that a movie gets fame before and after the release, you have good chances to move back to the states in the future. 

May I ask how long it took you to get at the point where you are right now?



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Hey-hey, thanks for such a great review!

Well what I realized there are no certain points where you can say to yourself " ok, from now feel comfortable, you are a good composer, you've reached your goal". I am at the very beginning but I already know that there is no end. I think for me personally it's about an understanding of what I've chosen. When I came to LA, I left everything I had in Europe, so I really pushed myself out of the comfort zone. SO basically I did more here in LA during 10-12 months than during 3 years in Europe. 

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