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Within the soundtrack I wanted to express the happening of a medieval grand battle, a dramatic event that did cost thousands of lifes.

I dispense with windwoods. I wanted to keep the real epic and dramatic feeling and windwoods didn't really fit my setup. The only exception is the contrabassoon, which basically just supports the many low brasses in order to make them sound more... powerful.


This orchestra is built with:

Double Basses
Contrabass Trombones
Bass Trombones
Tenor Trombones
Bass Trumpets
Male Choir
Male Soloist
Mid Toms
Bass Drums

The Octobass obviously isn't a real one (there are only few ones existing in the world and therefore there are no samples of it either). What I did was taking another Double Bass and pitched it down digitally. I just wanted to have the very deep pitch, which the usual Double Bass is unable to play.









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Very nice piece, Vociferous! I like the variety of instruments on display. Here is my feedback for the track:

   - The percussion in the first part is too repetitive and sounds like it was copy/pasted. Perhaps make them less of a focus on this section, or vary up the pattern every once in a while.

   - The song as a whole sounds a bit too on-the-grid. If you don't already, I recommend recording yourself playing every instrument so you can get more of a human touch.

   - At 0:48, I probably would reduce the volume of the staccato choir. It sounds too forced.

   - 1:07, add some low-end instrument, as this part sounds artificially high-end.

   - Awesome work on the percussion at 1:30 and beyond.

   - At 2:23, I probably would re-work the transition. It's a bit abrupt.

   - I feel you switch between aggressively loud brass right to soft solo vocals and light strings too often. Add some parts where you start to ramp up into the heavier sections, or fall back down.

   - A bit more touch of reverb would glue the song together. Make sure to not add too much to any low-end instruments.


I enjoyed listening your piece. What do you plan to use this piece as?

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