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Music Music Composer and Sound Designer needed for Minimalist Horror Game

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Hello, friends! My name is William Wolfe and I've recently gotten a small team of friends together to work on a minimalist horror project in our spare time! Unfortunately, while we have programmers, 2-D artists, and 3-D artists, we lack anyone who is well-versed in audio for both sound effects and music.

The game is a minimalist project with no real objectives and no real narrative. The closest thing I can compare it to is Yume Nikki or LSD Dream Emulator, although focused more on horror. Because our gameplay is simple, we have to make up for that with an eerie atmosphere and disturbing imagery, and audio will obviously be a large part of that. We need someone to create music and sound effects (or one person for each). For music, we're definitely looking for digital music that sounds like it could have been on the SNES or Sega Genesis. An appreciation and love for horror is definitely a plus!

While we can't pay you up front, we are planning to do rev-share when we finally publish the game on Steam. We are a small team and this is our first project after graduating from college, so this won't be a huge project.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail at williamjustinwolfe@gmail.com!

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