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C++ the Best way to Share a Project

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Also, looking at GitHub it doesn't seem to keep anything concerning the following includes :  

#include <GL/glew.h>

#include <GLFW/glfw3,h>

#include <glm/glm/glm.hpp>

#include <glm/glm/gtc/matrix_transform.hpp>
#include <glm/glm/gtc/type_ptr.hpp>

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For the full information look at GitHub's how to fork FAQ. The short roundtrip for forking is you make the reposetory public or invite the person you want to share it with as a view member so he/she can't do any commits to your reposetory. The person than goes to your reposetory page and clicks the Fork button.

GitHub know clones a copy of your reposetory to the user triggering the Fork. He/she has full control over his/her clone of your reposetory. Can change files and commit changes to his/her reposetory, change visibility to private and so on.

That user can then start the process of a Pull Request, that is the difference of a Fork to a nomal clone. The Fork keeps track of the tree where it was forked from and is able to calculate the delta of changes from the Fork to your main reposetory. This delta can then be commited as Pull Request.

If someone commits a Pull Request, you are notified of the changes and have the chance to accept or reject the request. On Accept, the changes will be integrated into your reposetory without the need to grand anyone else access

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On 6/5/2019 at 8:10 PM, Josheir said:

Firstly, I thought I'd allow them to get it from GitHub.  My repo, however, is private.

GitHub allows you to collaborate even on private repos. Go into the repository settings, and you'll be able to add other folks by their github account. I believe the free offering limits you to three people per repo.

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It's worth pointing out that github now offer free private repositories... This probably solves your problem :)

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