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I have created an online money-related game

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I have completed an initial implementation of an idea I had for an online game. Essentially, the goal of the game is to make working at your current job more exciting by giving you a monetary incentive. The money used in the game is "virtual", and users get $1000 upon creating an account so they can have something to play with.


The Homepage URL for my online game is: https://testproj-241720.appspot.com/

For a detailed explanation of how the game works (must agree to term of use to get detail of game workings): https://testproj-241720.appspot.com/about


If I can get some interest in the game, I will give it a better URL.

Screenshot is attached. I'm looking for feedback or any interest. Thanks.


psb ss.png

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Posted (edited)

I've been doing some reading and I think my online game would not even be conciderred real gambling if it was less then $500 per bet and less then so and so profit per user.. I was thinking if it's a small thing I can turn it into a real money game lawfully.

So I am now wondering what is the interest in such a concept (which yea can read in the "About" link in the post above.

If I added a feature that would Email a player when an action happens (next step, etc ...) would that add any worth to the game?


Also Note: It is currently experiencing intermittent DB  error messages, rarely. If this happens, just Refresh the page.

I'm working on fix

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