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Amateur artist/writer/game designer looking to put together a team

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A bit of an awkward title but hello, I'm Isabella and I'm fairly young (16) but I wish to find fellow like minded people to get together with me to create a team. I've created a game before in a team using RPG Maker VX as well as Game Maker Studio and I have fiddled around with Unity and Ren'py by myself. As the title says I'm more of an artist, writer, and designer and I can easily work off of other ideas and cooperate in a team and help coordinate the team. Types of games I wish to create are limitless, I already have some ideas in my mind such as a guild adventure game but I wish to work with others not only to help with my weak points and help them but to also have the experience of working with others. I'm not looking for 100% professionalism in everything (we all do make mistakes after all and have our personalities). I am of course looking for people who work well in a team as well as people who are able to work in different time zones. I am GMT-4 and I can work well around time differences. Discord will be used to communicate.

Requirements: (*= important)

*Familiarity with programming/basically a programmer

*Familiarity with audio/sfx



-Familiarity with animation

-Familiarity with overall design

-Experience with writing

Currently I am by myself and have no one on board as of yet. I hope to create a small team. Please message me on discord at kalydos#0726 if you are interested (link me this post and introduce yourself as well as comment on this)

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Hello Isabella, 

I'm Tyler, age 25 it's nice to meet you. I have been dabbling with unity for the past 2 years and I know only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to coding. I have been messing around with blender for 3 years, creating low poly items and structures and animating minimally. 

I'm currently in school for game design and have been looking for some work as well. 

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Hi Isabella!

I recently registered on this forum to see if I could find potential members of a team that wants to build great games, have high ambitions, but also have to do this in their spare time.

Since I am 20 years older than you are, I have had time to gain some experience in different areas.
First of all, I have a daughter your age, and I believe that to be able to succeed long term in this market, we must be where today's teenagers and kids are. You will be up front come the next 20 years of game development.

I have started and been involved in several businesses, some successful and others not (trust me - you learn more by failing than succeeding). The past 10 years I have been in the movie industry both in Norway and lately the United States, and we recently completed a high school comedy that is likely to be released next spring.

Because of that I have great experience in writing, producing, directing and acting, and I also have quite a few actor connections that could come in handy for game development.

Starting on my own, I also had to do all sound post production, and so I have developed some skills and experience in that area. However, I would always prefer to use other professionals when possible.

Before getting into the movie industry, I started a bachelor in computer programming, and have been doing some programming ever since, both websites and software.

Personally, my favorite games are point-and-click adventure games, especially if comedy is involved, but I would love to get involved in several other types of games.

I would like to talk to you about your visions and thoughts and see if we could put together a complete team for game development and start realizing the ideas we both likely have.

Best regards,

Andy Pett

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Hey guys :) I'm far from 16 or even 20 :) but here I am.

I've got masters on Directing for Film and TV - so I can support on that side. 

Also quite comfortable with 3D art (both low and high poly) and with UI / motion design.

Let me know if I can help :)


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Posted (edited)

I could help as Character Designer. I've been part of few projects, all of them stopped due to various reason, even tho I'd like to be part of your project. 

My work: www.artstation.com/velo.emp


Discord: Velo S. #8378

Edited by velo.dir

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