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Programmer seeking Project and/or 2D Artist for Collaboration

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Hey hey everyone,

My name is Jason and I'm a programmer. I have a degree in computer science, a decent background in C++ and C#, and have some experience working with Unity as well. I spent two years working on a rev-share indie game that unfortunately never really got off the ground then went on to work a non-gaming job for the last four years. At the time I wanted to stay in the gaming industry but having a paying job was the main necessity. Now I'm trying to get back to it and am searching for either a project that I can to contribute to or a 2D artist who would be interested in helping me with a prototype I have been working on. In fact, I wouldn't mind trading programming services on a project for art for my prototype. If there are any artists out there interested in an exchange just let me know and I'd be happy to share more details about my prototype. Otherwise, I'd be excited just to be working on a project and building up my experience. So if your project needs a programmer feel free to send me a direct message on here, or contact me through Discord @TheMadcapWarrior#2410.


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I have an Associates Degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail, in Orlando.

I also have spent a lot of time doing unrelated work (web design). I have a feeling we could work something out.

I'm kinda interested in starting to work on a game, maybe we could work on your present game as well as a new project at the same time. email me : mail@samwilson3d.com

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I sent you a PM about our Anti-Cheat service.

It's not a game, but the scope is pretty small.  The C++ / Blueprints portion is about 20% of the final product.

There is a potential equal ownership stake for the eventual C++ programmer we use.

Did you have any interest?  If yes, hit me up!  If not, no worries and good luck on your future projects.

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