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3D Confused on GPU voxelization

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Hello everyone,

I am planing to implement GPU voxelization in Unity3D. I feel I may misunderstand something. I read the article https://developer.nvidia.com/content/basics-gpu-voxelization . It is said "2. Then you rasterize the transformed primitive using a viewport of the same dimensions as one of the 2D projections of the voxel grid. Because the orthogonal viewport frustum can cover the voxel grid exactly, and a rasterized pixel position in the render target and its depth value correspond X, Y and Z components of the voxel grid."

I am so confused on the description above. A orthogonal camera must have its width and height. What if my orthogonal viewport frustum cannot cover my whole scene? What will happen if a vertex is outside the frustum, and it is multiplied by a projection matrix(UNITY_MATRIX_P)? What if an object is behind my orthogonal camera? How can they be voxelized?

I really appreciate any help.

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