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GameDev.net will be 20 years old on June 15 😮

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These have been really cool to read, so thank you all for posting! :) I hope more trickle in over time.

When did you join?

5pm PST June 15, 1999 when we redirected Sweet.Oblivion and the other game programming sites to the GameDev.net server. @Myopic Rhino, @Nick Murphy, and I had been running SO for about 2 years or so. SO was a merger of our individual sites. If I think all the way back to the very early formation of the universe, I think it was originally @Myopic Rhino's idea to collaborate.

What brought you here?

A passion for games and the technology behind game development, particularly in graphics and gameplay/simulation. My roots go back to learning from the 1990s demo scene and mode 13h. Who needs more than 320x240?

Why do I participate?

To give back. To learn and be inspired by the many who participate. To keep this community thriving.

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