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Music "Game Audio Lookout" (music & sound design in games) & "Audio Essentials" Blogs

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Hi everyone,

"Game Audio Lookout" is a series on how music and sound design in games work. I started out as a YouTube channel, but switched to a Medium blog now. Feel free to have a look at my current collection of articles:

Furthermore I started a new blog series calls "Audio Essentials" where I talk about audio-related basic things. The first article is about how the compositional process works and can be found here:

Any feedback and suggestions on wishes for future articles is appreciated!


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I can tell the amount of work put in. I always found that the best way to learn is to from the masters themselves, and apply some of the techniques to our own work (like the use of motifs in Undertale for example).

For feedback, I think it would be helpful to have a short audio clip for each musical score you present. That way, people are can't read music well can still follow along.

I wish you best of success Alex!

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Hey Alec,

thank you for the feedback on my articles!

You are absolutely right, it is very helpful to look at successful artists techniques and try to use them in your own compositions.

Putting an audio clip for each music score along with the sheet music is a very good idea. I'll do that for future articles and try to put it in my old Medium articles as well!


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