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My MMORPG devlog

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Hi everyone,

I am publishing a video devlog on the creation of my MMORPG, where I cover aspects of the game and it's tools. So far there are two videos exploring the quest editor and the spell editor, and two short demos showcasing an early look at quests and charge ability. Later on, I will be going through networking, creating playable areas, tradeskills, and more.

For networking I have been using LiteNetLib, and did a small test with 40 clients in the same area and so far so good. I am also using some tricks to reduce the amount of data that is necessary to send to the clients, which I might cover in the videos.

The Spell system is quite decent, I can create abilities and spells with or without projectiles, buffs and some more custom abilities like charge. I can combine effects into spells, so there is a lot of room for creativity.

The Quest system is basic, and it allows for the most common things, such as prequests, min and recommended level, objectives like collect and slay, rewards. Down the road I want to add more functionality like repeatable quests, select item from list of items as reward, automatically proposed quests, and more.

Here is the link for the Spell Editor:


And here is the link for the Quest Editor:


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The most recent video, Networking part 1, is out. You can check it out at 


Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

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