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9 minutes ago, Zioma said:

Looks really cool. I like the inventory/gearing system. Reminds me a bit of diablo. 

Thanks a lot! Yes, diablo is one of the main inspirations. That game was so sick. 

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New Devlog Video!

Weapons and Combat Mechanics



Created a weapon attack animation:


There are 3 types of Melee weapons: Swords, Axes and Maces.


Swords have a chance to inflict Bleeding, which deals extra damage.

Axes cleave multiple enemies in an arc dealing a %of the damage to everyone close to you.

Maces have a chance to Stun enemies for some duration.

Here our noble adventurer's leisure is interrupted by the evil clone's stunning Bone attacks:



Swords/Daggers have a chance to inflict Bleeding:


With Axes you can cleave multiple enemies in a single hit:



Some weapons increase your chance to inflict Critical Strikes for 2x the damage or more:



You can check out the full article here: Article #8 Weapons

We're also on twitter: Beyond Entertainment

You can join our discord server for unique updates here: The Wanderer Discord Server

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