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Mark Tanner

Extending PowerRender

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Mark Tanner    100
Hello Chris, This subject hasn''t been touched upon much or at all as far as I can tell, but could you please inform me about the following: I understand that I have access to the Direct3D interface through the global structure. Now, suppose that I really need to implement my own custom rendering in addition to PR. This would require the following: - DrawPrimitives using Index buffers - Creating and setting textures, I know this won''t use PR''s texture handling, but please hear me out on this one - SetVertexShader, SetStreamSource, etc. So, with access to the Direct3D interface, I should in theory be able to do all the above. I think it is, but could you tell me if it''s actually ok to do the above, meaning rendering my own tris in between PR''s framestart and end. Lastly, how do I control if stuff goes through the D3D pipeline or the D3D T&L pipeline? As you know, in DX8, you can set this at init. time, how would I do it in this case? Thank you for your time & continue the great work! Mark

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ChrisE    184
Yes it''s ok to call these functions. You have to be careful about state changes since PR keeps track of the last material/rendering method used. If you change the states you should also reset the PR_Globals.last_material and PR_Globals.last_method to negative numbers so it knows the states need to be updated.

If the index/vertex buffers are created in hardware memory then T&L will be used.

There are a number of useful internal functions that you could use when rendering your own triangles:

PR_DWORD PR_SetVertexProcessing (PR_DWORD VShader, PR_DWORD VBufSoftware); // vhshader = 0 or 1, vbufsoftware = 0 or 1, called before SetVertexShader

void PR_SetStreamSource (PR_DWORD stream, LPDIRECT3DVERTEXBUFFER8 vbuf, PR_DWORD size);

etc.... Having the source code would probably save you a lot of time when attempting this. If you use some of these internal functions it will be harder to mess up and confuse PR.

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