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3D artist looking for advice

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Hey, i'm a 3D artist looking for a job in the industry. 

Most job applications require professional experience, the only thing i'm lacking apparently, so i lately i have been trying to get a hold of new/small studios  that might be looking for talent or freelancer services for their games. I was wondering if you guys could give advice on when to find these studios/jobs. Most jobs posted in artstation are for big, AAA studios, very few junior positions appear, same for the polycount forum.


Below a link to my portfolio


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A lot of people begin by offering their services for free to hobby/indie projects. Check out our Hobby Project Classifieds section (see Careers tab atop this page).

You can also "just apply" to game companies near where you live. The junior positions aren't on the job boards, but they often hire junior artists who "just apply." Also: what not to do.

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