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DX11 Fbx Exporter with IK Solvers Problem

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Hi guys,

I've been using the Fbx SDK to extract animation info and it's been working fine. Now that I'm up to IK solvers I've found that I have to bake my animation when exporting (from 3ds Max) or I can't get the proper keyframe data. I don't mind baking but I'm having some issues.

If I have a simple rig for a leg (thigh, knee, foot bones) and setup an HI IK solver from the foot_end to the foot, and another from the foot to the thigh, I can move the thigh down (like a squat) and the foot stays planted as it should. It works perfectly when I scrub the timeline in 3ds Max. In my game the foot goes in to the floor a little, the deeper the squat the deeper the foot goes.

I'm wondering if I avoid the bake, and do the evaluations myself with the Fbx SDK, whether or not it will be better. I would just try it but I know it's going to be complicated (like all things Fbx) and it would be pointless if it gave me the same results as the bake.

I don't know what to do. I'm not doing anything weird so I don't see why it doesn't work like it should.

Any help would be great.

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Posted (edited)

I would say you will probably end up having the same or other problems. I imagine the people at Autodesk who aquired the company behind FBX in 2006 know what to do better than you as an outsider and if they fail to get it right, it's likely you won't get it right either.

I've had so many problems with animations when I added the FBX import to my game, but we used Blender to create and export them. It's just weird that this doesn't work, you would think after more than two decades they would have fixed all the issues...

Your safest bet is probably to remove the IK thing and just animate the leg and foot manually. I'm not an expert in animation though, just a programmer.

Edit: Blender was released 21 years ago and both 3ds Max and the FBX file format came out in 1996 (independently).

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