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Archaic Warrior

Game development tool that's quick and requires no programming

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I don't know of any tools that can get help you a 3d total war clone without touching code. Currently there are a number of free and open source 3D rts engine that you could use as a template to get going rapidly. The first one that comes to mind is Spring RTS. Developing a total war clone on Spring would feel more like modding a game than actually making a game, and making new units / buildings is fairly easy. Given your past experience, in 7 weeks of part time dev, you should be able to setup the correct workflow to start designing units, map and gameplay rapidly without worrying too much about the technical aspects. Note that you will have to code, but with the provided template, it should feel more like editing parameters than developing something. I think this kind of workflow is the closest thing you will get to a drag and drop experience.


Every tool used in the the workflow provided in the tutorial is free and as bare bone as it gets.

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