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C++ win32 breakout

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4 hours ago, GoliathForge said:

edit: @8Observer8 thank you for the pure javascript breakout thing. I did a speed run on that yesterday and very much enjoyed myself for the hour it took to breeze through it. Very cool.  Looking at that, it's obvious...Every (gameplay) problem phil has spoke to in the last six months is answered simply in very (umm, very) short code sequences and at least a paragraph of description for every line. Ignoring environment, the concepts are easily interpreted to other languages or even visual programming. Skipping that is a missed opportunity in this case.

Yes, this tutorial is awesome! I will translate the code to OpenGL and WebGL.

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5 hours ago, phil67rpg said:

hey mod do you  think all these downvotes are fair?

Yes. People are allowed to downvote you, and you've been told previously not to drag your own discussions off topic by posting about it.

If you think there's a problem that needs moderator attention, please use the report link (little flag button in the upper right of posts) to get help rather than making off topic posts.

As you've now made this particular discussion off topic, I'll go ahead and close it.  You're welcome to post again, remembering all of the advise you've been given over time about asking smart questions, giving all needed details, staying on topic, etc.

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