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Gin Hindew 110

The Sunset Fortress - I offer lore & mechanics for an RPG

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I am a writer, do some drawing and some game design and i have been building some lore and mechanics for an rpg, i am looking for people who want to make an rpg as a long term project and this lore and mechanics will be actualized and deepened over time


The idea is a standard save-the-dying-world story with the heroes gathering the mcguffins to revitalize it and the bad guys gathering them to take that power for themselves and achieve godhood, the player however starts as a member of an organization called The Sunset Fortress who believe the world is dying because it moves in cycles of destruction and resurrection as a natural development, so, if the heroes succeed the world will reset into the age of humanity once more and wont evolve but if the villains succeed they will indeed become gods but a chunk of the world will be missing as it would become part of their powers, the heroes are stagnation and the villains are a decreasement of the world, the Sunset Fortress aims to survive and be transformed into a new species suited for the new world


The gameplay would be a combination of traditional rpg and base building, with the player going out to gather the mcguffins to power up and grow the fortress while fending off the villains and heroes, the fortress is a bunker and a ship that moves underground pushed by the forced of the planet's mantle so the heroes and villains have to find them and assault them every time the player gathers enough mcguffins


The story would have two parts, one before the end of the world and one after it's rebirth, the idea is that the heroes and villains also survived and became transformed and now want to plunder the powers of the new world to become new entities more suited to their old ideals while the Sunset Fortress wants space for the new civilizations to expand


The overall theme of the story is to accept retirement in order to let the new generations grow


About the mechanics i was thinking in using consumables on a more active way by combining them with spells, for example, boosting healing magic by combining  a spell with a potion or boosting fire magic by combining a fireball with an explosive item, the idea is to avoid becoming a walking warehouse and to add an extra mechanic for variety's sake


Another mechanic would be the transformation of the world, the state of several places and powers before the end will affect what they would become after the rebirth, this will be more of a  positional thing to avoid too much work, for example: if the Unbreakable Spirit gets broken pre-end then after-end the spirit will be in a new form but with a small dungeon and low levels, if the spirit is not broken it's dungeon will be bigger and the spirit will be at a higher level


Also, both villains and heroes will start as clichés but will get some fair points going on for themselves, the heroes think they are doing wrong by damaging the world to save their people but they care more for their people than they care for the world while the villains know they are stealing from the world but there is no point on fighting for a predetermined future when we are the ones making the future, the Sunset Fortress will also have characters that are fine with becoming a new species but some others want to become a new species and then to also become the greatest new species of the new world


At the end the three factions will fracture and the final confrontation will be among the ones that are already satisfied and want to let the world grow to grow themselves on it while the other party wants to get as much as they can for themselves while the world is still young


I have wrote some stuff in spanish, my mother language, i also made the covers 



And also had blog i have not actualized in forever but it had plenty of content back in the day


You can see some of my drawings here











































Or at my deviantart... sparsely updated too


As you can see i'm mostly getting out of a period of slumber... gimme five more minutes?

This will be actualized as i come up with new elements, i mostly want to make a traditional rpg so RPGMaker is fine but if someone wants to use any other engine is up to themselves, i mean, they will be the ones doing the programming so they can choose the platform, i can do some art design but animation may be too much as i have no experience on it, is anyone interested?


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Hey, you replied to my recruiting post. 

Can we talk in discord? it will be much easier, even if you don't have discord you should create your account, we are doing all the talking in there...

#1615Cringey Boy

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