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AngelScript in vcpkg

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I noticed that vcpkg now also contains a version of AngelScript (see https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg/tree/master/ports). Unfortunately it is a slightly older version, that among other things does not contain the fix for the double catch block bug I reported here a while ago (and that got fixed on the trunk soon after). I suspect vcpkg is tracking the latest release version, so... any plans for a new release soonish? 🙂

Of course we can compile AngelScript ourselves, but vcpkg makes the process much more streamlined, and has been a total lifesaver for many (admittedly much nastier to build) libraries, so as a general rule we try to get as many libraries as we can through that route. Plus, for people who don't realize the vcpkg version is slightly broken, it might be a bit of a turn off to run into bugs that were fixed a long time ago.

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I wasn't aware of vcpkg included AngelScript. Thanks for sharing that info :)

With the last release I said I'd try to do a 6 month release schedule, but unfortunately that hasn't been possible. Right now, I think it will be another few months before I can make the next release. 


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